Cypher Fitness partners with ASFA

Press Release For immediate release: Monday March, 7, 2021

Cypher Fitness LLC, (904) 234-7461,

[Jacksonville, Fl, March, 7, 2021] Cypher Fitness, LLC has officially partnered with ASFA American Sports & Fitness Association in an effort to add further value to its organization, its members/trainers and its students. 

“I believe creating these types of partnerships is essential not only in business but more so the fitness industry in which we belong. As technology, science and strategies evolve, so must we to continue to bring the best experience for everyone we support and lead.”, said Justin “JusOne” Bordeaux, President of Cypher Fitness, LLC.

About Cypher Fitness LLC

Cypher Fitness is a group fitness certification and membership program that offers a comprehensive fitness program centered around break fitness and mental fitness.

What is “The Cypher”?

The Cypher, is the leading hip hop break fitness program on the east coast. We immerse and challenge students that want more from their workout and certification or group fitness license than moving side to side. The Cypher is a group fitness class format where “MC”s (Trainers of Cypher Fitness, LLC) engage with students.

Press Contact:

(904) 234-7461

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