Take your Monday back

It’s 7am and the alarm chimes. You moan with contempt at the fact that it’s Monday and you have to do another week at the place of employment you resent. Or perhaps you wake up ready with eagerness and intent because you’re driven by not letting your fears and worries control you. 

To some this line of two realities is a mile long when in actuality it’s only a few feet and a few seconds to a different life. A few seconds? You’re out of your mind Jus. Am I? Or have you made the same single decision not to pursue what you truly want to accomplish? Maybe it’s out of fear or maybe you don’t believe you have what it takes. 

With the hundreds of books on the market, self help guides, coaches and gurus, none of it is necessary for you to just start. A vast majority of people on Monday are already thinking about what they are going to do on Friday when payday rolls around taking them out of the moment. They are already living a week ahead.

We can get caught up thinking too far ahead when we look at our dreams. Going from where we are today to the realization of our dreams is unrealistic. Let’s say it takes you 10,000 steps to get to your goal. You’ve probably got anxiety at the fact it’s going to take that many so you don’t even take one step.

Your journey starts with a single step, a single choice to redirect your attention. If you can’t make this decision on Monday to even invest 10% back into you and your goals, then you should put down all those self help books and unfollow those quotes you created a Pinterest board for.

But if you believe there is something more than wasting your time making other people rich and if you believe you truly have what it takes with a burning desire to prove to yourself that you’re worthy then now is the time to make a choice. 

Start small. I want you to take heed of a single opportunity this week and make a choice to do what you want without fear. It takes just a single step to get started because you don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going.

I’m JusSayin

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