Thinking too far ahead is what’s hurting you

There is no one answer. There is no secret of success and happiness. There is no master plan that anyone and everyone can follow to be successful or be a definitive leader. These definitions and experience have the ability and inevitability to be all be different from individual to individual.

There are thousands of books, coaches and professionals that have found success but even when they arrive to the destination of success, the meaning of success still differs for each person. So then why write one book to learn from? With that, why listen to only one speaker?

Over the past two decades I have seen leaders exclaim how their system is the proven method with no true guarantee. But this is the key in the entire message. There is no guarantee because the one common thread for any success, especially yours is going to be you.

No matter the system you choose to follow or the guru you choose to align with that speaks to your inner leader one thing is true, its going to take action.

I went back and forth on what should be the very first article I write here on Gravity. I ended up with 7 drafts because I failed to do the one thing I knew I should have done. I kept second guessing myself because I wanted it perfect. But in that, there is no perfect because the message you have for anyone when it comes to leadership may serve no one or it may be just the thing someone needs.

So when you’re going back and forth trying to figure out what is the next step you need to take, many times its going to just be action. Just start. When we get so caught up in getting it perfect, we live too far in the future because we are too busy thinking about the reaction or end result. This keeps us from ever getting started.

This very first post may not be perfect, but it may be just the thing someone needs to hear.

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